Grab Hire in Tamworth

Site space a problem? No room for a sited skip?

The answer could be grab hire in Tamworth. MIA Waste Management can organise the collection of any amount of waste, arriving at a convenient time on site to collect and dispose.

Grab loading lorries provide a very flexible method for removing a variety of different waste streams from locations where skips may prove unsuitable.

Where space is limited, where restricted access prevents the use of skips or conventional tipper lorries or you do not have the necessary equipment to load skips or lorries, grab loaders can collect and remove waste from site as and when required. Collections can vary from as little as 1 cubic metre to 14 cubic metres per lorry load and a wide range of waste types can be collected.

Our dedicated Customer Service managers are on hand 7 days a week and can advise where this could be possible.

MIA Waste Management Offer Cheap Skip Hire in Tamworth

FAQ For Grab Hire Serviceds in Tamworth

What Is Grab Hire?
Grab lorries are vehicles that are used to clear away large amounts of waste from difficult to reach areas, using their attached hydraulic arm.
How Big Is A Grab Lorry?
Grab lorries, on average, are around 3 metres wide. In order to allow a grab lorry to successfully enter your site, ensure that all access points have sufficient clearance either side.
What Is A Grab Used For?
Grab hire in Tamworth is used for the collection and transportation of large amounts of waste, primarily from commercial sites and construction projects. The hydraulic arm means that tricky areas can be reached easily, with less manpower required to shift heavy loads.

What Material Can A Grab Lorry Carry?
Grab lorries can carry a variety of materials, including: Soil, Muck, Aggregates, concrete and topsoil, this is classed as inert waste. We do not take hazardous waste, we do not take general mixed waste and we do not take contaminated waste. If any of these is found in the load then there could be an extra charge for haulage and tonnage as it would have to be tipped at a specific site, ask one of our team today.

How Long Will The Grab Take To Load?
How long the vehicle takes to load depends on how the waste is situated – if it is neatly set out in one place, it will take around 15-20 minutes to load the vehicle.

How Much Can A Grab Lorry Carry?
Our Tamworth Grab lorries weigh around 16 tonnes when they’re empty, and the maximum authorised mass of these lorries is 32 tonnes, so they can carry 16 tonnes of waste. In terms of volume, this is between 12 and 15 cubic metres, depending on the type of material.
Can The Grab Lorry Load Over A Fence Or Wall?
As long as the driver can position the lorry alongside the fence or wall, and they can see the material from the control platform, then a grab lorry can load over a wall.
Where Can I Leave My Waste For Grab Hire?
The place you choose for your waste is crucial to the efficiency of its removal. Ensure that you place it out in the open, away from low hanging tree branches and cables, positioned in a place that allows the driver to pull up directly alongside the waste.

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Using a grab lorry can save you both time and money. The grab lorry has a long reach and if you can get your waste to within the lorry reach we will be able to grab it. Our customers use our grab hire service to reach over walls and fences for easy waste removal in hard to access areas, this also means they don’t need to load a skip. Another great advantage of our grab hire service is that you won’t need a skip hire permit.

If you think that grab hire in Tamworth may be needed for your upcoming, or ongoing project please contact MIA Waste Management today and our office staff will guide you through the options available.